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September  2017

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This website is the manifest of a group of writers dedicated to the celebration of the written word–both classic and contemporary. It is open to any writer who wishes to submit his work (see Submissions, left panel). Rights to the submissions  remain solely those of the submitting authors. Select submissions are presented freely as posts and  may be withdrawn at the request of the submitting author or by determination of our editorial board.  Another America is also open to photographs, videos, music and even such paintings as our readers shall be moved to share. We have been a web presence since early in the new century.  Select authors are represented by the agency  auspices of Another America Literary and charitable donations to the Smithsonian and local institutions are handled by The Library / Arts Alliance. We continue to  chart a highly inclusive course.  All are invited and many will find (as many have found) respite and a home.

The Editors

The Library  / Arts Alliance:

The Library / Arts Alliance benefits the Smithsonian, university libraries or specified art confederations in states and municipalities across America.

AnotherAmericaLiterary, LLC

AnotherAmericaLiterary represents contributing authors whose work we believe worthy of hard copy publication and therefore significantly wider distribution.

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The Library / Arts Alliance


New 2016:

Whitman’s Code: A New Bible Vols. I & II

Whitman's Code I

Whitman's Code II

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