Has anyone ever stopped to think what monotheism has done to the world? It might be the single belief that has “enslaved” the human head more than any other. – When there were many gods, there were many possibilities for thinking. One god did and said this, another did that, and there was a certain “openness” to what life was all about. There was also an openness to what man was all about…Suddenly, with the Judeo-Christian single god, all that stopped. 

God became an absolute dictator. He made all the rules. He made the world. He created men and “men were all the same”, i.e. God’s children. They were all supposed to have the same view of life, the same vision. The meaning of life was one thing: follow the church and go to heaven. The entire universe was explained in a single thought…GOD. And there was no place for thinking about man and life differently. Even animals were “the same”. Men were the same and animals were the same. Man was there with God and the rest was “nature”. This thought has enslaved the human mind ever since. It is such a subtle enslavement that almost nobody can see outside of it. Almost nobody can envision the world differently. Even atheists will still see the “man” and “nature” dichotomy. Man, of course, is thought to be “free” and nature is said to act  “instinctually”. Nobody can imagine that could be a million different types of “men”, that men have nothing to do with “free”, that words like freedom, thinking, and instinct have nothing to do with “life”, that nature (man included) could be something completely different from what we are used to thinking, that the whole bag of tomatoes could be a deep deep mystery – far deeper than anyone has imagined. – One God, one set of rules, one definition of man, one vision of animals and plants, one vision of the “non-living” rest (rocks, dirt, stars, moons, fire, water, etc.) and BOOM!  All the mystery is taken out of existence! BOOM! The mind is paralyzed! With monotheism, man lost his ability to run, jump, and fly…and maybe even to love…life.

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