Christian Nation?

Jesus as Boxer

Has anyone ever pointed out the absolute irony of the United States of America today claiming to be a “Christian” nation? American senators, congressmen, and presidents constantly invoke their faith and belief in “God” – the so-called Christian god. Millions and millions of voters claim to be devout “Christians”. How is this possible in the country that has by far the biggest military arsenal in the world? Since World War II no other country has come close to America in using its military might around the world. Wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq have left death and devastation for millions of human beings. This is the work of a very powerful nation, not a very Christian nation.  I am not arguing that the wars of America have been wrong or right; I am simply saying that they have absolutely nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ. America claims to be one of the most Christian nations in the world, but couldn’t it be argued that the opposite is true? 

The interesting thing is how far Christianity has come from the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the New Testament. The other interesting thing is that as individuals, Americans are some of the nicest, friendliest, and most helpful people on earth. Tourists from all over the world can vouch for this. But the government is a completely different story: the obsession with military might; a huge ignorance and lack of respect for other cultures and differing values; and a habit of using violence to cure the ills of the world. One can argue that America needs to be the policeman of the world. This is fine. But don’t tell me America’s vision of the world is based on “Christian” principles. It is not: Jesus Christ could never have been elected president of the United States. Jesus Christ would never have carried a gun; Jesus Christ would never have attacked Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan; Jesus Christ would never have tolerated a place like Guantanamo; and Jesus Christ would never have advocated a civilization where wealth and power are the keys to living.

There was only one Christian and he has been dead for two thousand years. America is certainly a mighty and powerful nation. There are millions of wonderful people living there. But it is not a country based on the teachings of Jesus. It is not a Christ-ian nation. Politicians and presidents often invoke “God” in their speeches, but they never talk about Jesus Christ. America is far more Old Testament than New Testament, far more “hell, fire, and damnation” than “love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, peace on earth, and goodwill toward men”. – Think about it…Have you ever heard – even one time – a politician in America say, “What would Jesus have done?” – The Christian religions today are not based on Jesus. They are based on a view of the world of a people who have worked hard and struggled to survive in a complicated world, one much more complicated than Jesus’s world. This is normal. Life goes on. But it has not gone on in the spirit of Jesus. He has been lost in the shuffle. “God” is the thing. Everybody invokes a god. And what is “God” if not the ultimate justification forever and ever for what “believers” do.  

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