Ferguson on Ferguson

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Say what you will, man is a beast. He is the child of no god. He is the fruit or summit of no evolution. All these kinds of ideas are part of his beastliness. Beastliness has much to do with blindness. I will explain as we move on.

 For as far as we can see backwards in time, the man-beast has always created a series of false ideas about himself and all other beasts. He has created mythologies about his place in the universe, where he came from, and where he is going. Other beasts don’t seem to do this, though we don’t know this for sure as we cannot see into their heads. But it wouldn’t surprise me if eagles thought themselves far superior to men. Men have always thought themselves less beastly than other beasts, a plausible idea when you go to the Louvre, but much less plausible when you think of the 60,000,000 people killed during the Second World War or other such planetary horrors.

All beasts are different.

 Being a beast means that one must eat to survive and remain a beast. Beasts eat other beasts. That is the end of all discussion about any beast being a “moral” creature. Any beast that thinks of itself as “moral” is a deluded beast. Delusion is one of the most common qualities of the man-beast, the one that reads, writes, and talks about things like history and morality. The man-beast thinks of himself as moral when he follows rules that he himself has made about what is and isn’t “good” behavior.

Historically, the man-beast has considered himself superior to all other living beasts. These feelings of superiority are deleterious and make our beastliness worse. Feeling superior, we think we can destroy other beasts with a clean conscious. And we often do. The amount of killing that goes on every day in the world is mindboggling, but most man-beasts don’t feel this, which is proof of their bestiality. Enjoy your meal!

Our kind of beast is perhaps the worst kind because we are very prone to kill for reasons other than food and territorial protection. Our kind of beast kills because it likes to expand its territory and power and because of its beastly tendency to feel morally superior. When one feels morally superior one can destroy other peoples or civilizations with a smile on one’s face and a hot water bottle on one’s heart. Can anything be more beastly?

 There are many pleasant beasts and many unpleasant beasts of all varieties. Avoiding unpleasant beasts is often not easy, nor is finding pleasant beasts with whom one can roam.

All beasts die, meaning they cease to be beasts and are either eaten by other beasts or are transformed into dust. Most deaths go unnoticed, though some are celebrated. Eventually all beasts are forgotten. Millions, if not billions, die ever day.

 Most beasts are unable to judge their own knowledge and stupidity. Knowledge and stupidity are simply a continuum of the same thing, i.e. the beastly vision of the world around itself. Today, November 25, 2014 dozens of thousands of beasts are protesting in the streets of the United States of America because a grand jury in a place called Ferguson, Missouri decided not to prosecute a policeman who killed an eighteen-year-old man a few months ago. The grand jury decided the policeman acted in self-defense. This has caused a huge stink because of the different skin colors of the victim and the law officer. Skin color has caused enormous amounts of cruel bestial behavior among the man-beasts. The protesters are protesting without knowing what really happened when the man was shot. They are protesting emotionally about human beastliness. This of course is understandable, but the protests seem to be making the beasts more beastly as they are looting stores, burning cars and buildings, and hurting people. The President (caramel skin) is calling for calm. He should be calling for less stupidity. He should be telling people that they should get more information before jumping to conclusions. But most beasts don’t work that way. Beasts are constantly judging and acting upon situations they know little or nothing about.

 Being a beast means that one is always forced to live in a contextual world. This means that beasts will come in contact with other beasts and something will happen even if it means ignoring the other beast or beasts. In any case we are doomed to ignore most of what happens because our minds can’t grasp the complexity of everything going on in all the beasts around us. Most of us are surrounded constantly by other beasts. We must deal with these beasts one way or another. Try as we may, we are all limited, temporally entrapped beasts, and very unknowing about what is inside the other beasts and what they are made of.

Have you ever looked at all the two-legged creatures around you and thought they were, in fact, beasts? Have you ever looked at yourself and thought you were a beast? Have you ever looks at cows, cats, sparrows, eagles, giraffes, and even mice and thought they were far less beastly than you and the other man-beasts?

 The main man-beast problem is that each is born into a world that has carved out what reality is supposed to be, look like, and feel like. Whether you’re born in a Sao Paolo slum, a rich Los Angeles suburb, the son of a Nobel prize-winning physicist, or the daughter of a Lutheran minister, you are going to be into a world that tells you what beastliness is or isn’t, what is good and what is evil, what is real and what isn’t, what is of value and what isn’t, even what life itself is and isn’t…and then you must take your life from there. Some beasts will stay on the same beastly path their whole lives through. Others will examine and explore (think if you will) and change paths a little or even a lot. But will they not always be locked in a historical context? Will they always be locked inside the bodies that have been passed down to them? Will there always be a limit to what their brains and consciousness can do? Will they not always be slaves to their beastly instincts?

Look again at what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, and across America. Nobody is saying anything intelligent. Nobody is saying that if a 270-pound white man (who had just robbed a store and was walking down the middle of the street when the officer told him to move) came to the window of the policeman’s vehicle and tried to grab his gun, hit him two or three times in the face (all totally illegal acts), then started walking away, and when the officer got out of the car and went to “stop” the criminal (for criminal he was), and the criminal turned around and came at him in a menacing manner, that the officer would have essentially no other choice but to shoot him…even six times if the man kept coming. Any man – white, green, yellow, brown, pink, or black – who did such a thing would have been shot. Color probably had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. White men who have threatened police and tried to steal their guns and punched them have been shot and killed. Nobody cried racism. Nobody. – The origin of the whole mess is the bestiality of slavery. The white Europeans were beasts. Many still are. They thought the black Africans were more beastly than they were. They thought themselves superior both morally and physically. Do – or did – such white beasts deserve to live? No more than the man in Ferguson who ended up dead on the street.

Jon Ferguson



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