Conversation With God, Part I

Scream Pope 3

Who are you?

God. Who are you to be asking me questions?

I’m a man.

You are not a “man”. You have no idea what it is to be a man. You call yourselves men, but you don’t know anything about where you came from, what you are for, why you are alive, and how you function.

I know, that’s why I’m asking you. You’re God. You know everything. I thought you could help me understand who I am.

Not only are you wrong about yourself, you are also wrong about me. I don’t know any more about anything than you do.

You don’t?

No, and why should I? What makes you think I know anything more about this existence than you do? You found yourself alive on earth…I found myself alive in the universe.

You mean you don’t know where you came from?

No. I have no more idea where I came from than you have about where you came from.

But what about our reason for being alive, our reason for existing? Surely you – God – know the purpose and meaning of life.

Why should I know such a thing? I am as much in the dark as you are. Personally I doubt there’s “a reason” for existence.

Isn’t that a horrible thought? How can one live without “a purpose”? How can you live not knowing who you are, where you came from, and why you are here?

It’s actually very easy. And when you think about it, it’s better that way. Why would you want an outside force giving you your reason to be? Isn’t it better to create your own purpose, your own meaning, your own “life”?

I have never thought like that. I always thought you, God, gave life its value.

I know that is what you have thought.  And that is why the world is a mess. You men have never been able to be responsible for your world. You have never been able to see life for what it is. You have never been able to cherish it, to love it. You have never learned to give it value. You always want value to come from the outside…from gods like me. But we can’t help you. We exist just like you do. We are just “there”.  We create our values. You must create yours. But I never thought…You have never thought enough. Your thoughts go round and round but they stay in the same rut. And your world stays the same. As long as you want meaning and value to come from outside, you will always be “inside” your own prison.

But God, you must tell us what the meaning of our lives is…You must, please, I beg you…

If I could, I would… No, maybe I wouldn’t. But it doesn’t matter. You must find your own way.

O God, please…What kind of things, God! Tell me! What is important to you?…God!…Don’t go! Don’t leave me…God…

I must be going now.  I have things to do…  listen to the music … it’s closer than you think…