So Like Flowers…

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The weak believe in god; the less weak believe in man; the least weak believe in neither man nor god. Are these men strong? Is any man strong? What might strength really be? Might it be admitting man’s true place in Being? Might the strongest man be the one who says, “We are the weakest of all creatures because we cannot live without our causalities, our creationists, our evolutionists, our moralists, and our churches. We cannot just ‘live’. We must explain ‘why’ we are living. In this we are at the bottom of nature’s totem pole, not at the top.”

Jesus didn’t die to save man from his sins.  We think that we, too, will die for a reason when there will be none. Neither life nor death has a reason.  There are no winners and losers in life. Existence is not a game or a story. There are no rules. It is neither random nor destined. Life is neither arbitrary nor purposeful. These words have nothing to do with Being, but everything to do with being human. Only man wants to attach “randomness” or “fate”, “destiny” or “absurdity”, to existence. Existence is none of these things; it is not what we think it is. As soon as we “think” about it, we turn it into something that it isn’t.

  What is it – the “ologists” will askthat makes man make churches? Look at them all over the world with their steeples, crosses, benches, sacraments, specially clothed leaders, kneeling participants, rituals, prayers and prayer books….It is a sight to behold… “Behold, I am the light and the life!”…Isn’t everything that exists the light and the life?… Who says such things and why? Is it so dark that we need more light? – Think of everything that has been said and thought in all the churches of the world over the last 500 years (add a few hundred more if you’d like). How many words have corresponded to anything real? But how many hearts have been warmed? How many lonely heads have been assuaged? How many powerless people have felt little surges of power or hope….Onward Christian soldiers!… How ironic! Jesus was never a soldier. He preached only peace. Ah! Soldiers of peace! Okay…We’ll be all right…We are on the straight and narrow path…Straight? Really?… Narrow? Then there isn’t enough room for everybody!…There is only room for the “chosen few”! Oh yes, of course…Church is for the chosen few. That’s why we choose “OUR CHURCH”…for WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES! No you aren’t! We are! No you aren’t! Yes, we are! … There is always a logic, even for the most illogical of all thoughts! The logic is in the head of the believer…It is that simple… “But why? Why? Why?” the “ologists” shout…and they, too, will have their logic…their “explanations”…Because man is weak…Because man needs order…Because man must see himself at the center of all things…Because man’s brain is so constituted…Because it’s in his DNA…and on and on in the other kind of churches, the kind that say “university” on the door…

One day there will be a church with a sign in front saying, “Beware of the Gods!”… A friend once gave me such a plaque.  So…let’s face the music.  There is no god. There is no truth. There is no solution to life.  Life is not a riddle to be solved.!”…Ah! Finally a true church!…So now what? Perhaps one’s only chance for survival is to help others. Yes, that’s often been a solution for the people who see no reason for life. Albert Camus for example. One must rebel against the pain and suffering and fight it. – Or maybe there is one other possibility: one must become a supreme lunatic, a god oneself, dressed just like you are, with the same mind, body, shoes, hair, and teeth…a crazy god who commands…nothing…not even a self, for the self is a wild creature, wilder than god, out of god’s reach…only to be tamed by that beastliest of beasts…the scaly monster of… “love?”

Our lives…so precious, so simple, so narrow, so contextual, so tragic, so comic, so magic, so static, so frantic, so pedantic, so like flowers whose petals drop off with age and a little wind.