Death, Dying, Grief, and Mourning …

Ms. Nater’s Compendium is vaster than those to which these pages can pretend.  Please visit it at the link immediately below:

Death, Dying, Grief and

“Death is always the same,
but each man dies in his own way.”

An Anthology by Adrienne Nater

A Collection & Chronology of writings:

Death, Dying, Grief and Mourning
in Western Literature

… It is not just about death, which is my focus, but also about the parallels in cultural remnants from our earliest ties… … authors have achieved all manner of technique in the connecting of death and death’s sphere of significance… … Literary consideration of death is a challenging concept that each writer approaches according to his own set of cultural beliefs, experiences, observations, and imagination…

Adrienne Nater

Death, Dying, Grief and Mourning




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