DeWain Valentine

DeWain Valentine was born in Fort Collins, Colorado and became familiar with plastics that became publicly available after the 2nd World War.  He matriculated at the University of Colorado and  received scholarships to the Yale University Art School.  Initially associated with a Minimalist sensibility his work has a monumental spirituality  that on  canvas is best articulated in the Tate Gallery’s collection of  Mark Rothko(s).   He ventured into Southern California and became one of the leading exponents of the  Light and Space Movement of the 1970s. His work with Ed Revay  extended the practical size at which resin could be cast and manipulated  without fracture.  The success of their research was instrumental in the monumental creation of spheres, walls and columns whose airy translucence  belied the tonnage that constituted their mass.

 AnotherAmerica first became enamored of his oeuvre through the Art of his son, Nelson Valentine and the tangential glass and design work of Keith Anderson and Barbara Marcum during the 1990s.

Valentine’s  work is featured in the collections of  New York’s Museum of Modern Art,  Pasadena’s Norton Simon Museum, Colorado’s Denver Art Museum, Hawaii’s Honolulu Museum of Art,   San Diego’s Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the  Whitney Museum of American Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Modern Art and enjoyed a landmark exhibition  at the J. Paul Getty Museum in 2011,

He is represented in Los Angeles  by the Ace Gallery.    We are proud to exhibit samples of  his work in the virtual galleries of


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