Jon Ferguson


26 Books and Kindling…

 Another America has long enjoyed Jon’s continuing contributions and tenure in these web pages.  We knew him at Brigham Young University in the early ’70s and we were delighted to find him among Barnes and Nobles Most Promising New Authors at the turn of the Millennium.  His first two books, Les Meillures Moments de Schmaltzand Nietzsche au Petiti Dejeuner  were published in Switzerland.  Cinco Punto’s Press published his first English novel in 1998.  That novel; Farley’s Jewel, A Novel In Search of Being; The Anthropologist and Foster’s Depresion are each reviewed by M.C. Gardner. Foster’s Depression is presented in monthly serial installments on AnotherAmerica–(click above).

Jon can be more intimately explored at His growing list of Kindle titles on Amazon include: The Anthropologist; Don’t Bullshit Me Daddy; The Missionary; Adam’s Cane; Lucie’s Tomb. The Kindle version’s are available for less than a visit to Starbuck’s and they enjoy the unreserved endorsement of the editors of AnotherAmerica.


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