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10. Happy New Year. – The New Year has started with a bang. Bang! Bang! More than 110,000 will get the bullet today. About 50,000,000 got it last year, the old year. Count yourself lucky. We’re still alive, somehow together on this earth.
9. First Thought for the New Year. – People all over the world make resolutions for the New Year. They resolve to do things differently…to change things. How wonderful! How human! How divine! Many will even let God now come into their hearts! – And people believe in change. They have faith that things will change. But I ask one question: Is the nature of nature one of change? – quick change? –  immediate change? And the answer is a resounding NO. It is a sludge hammer in my ear! NO!!! The world changes very very slowly…much more slowly than any of us want to admit. Let start with BODIES – flesh and blood, organs and tails, feathers and fur, skin, scales, brains…what we the living are made of: Creatures might very well evolve, i.e. change, but the process takes millions and millions of years. It takes so long that if, in fact, men evolved from gorillas, then why are there still “gorillas” on the earth? Because they haven’t had time to evolve yet, is the only answer you can give. In any case, the evolution of the world is a snail crossing its corner of the universe…BELIEFS: The human mind is still under the influence of the Greeks, Romans, Jews, Chinese, etc. of what we call antiquity…We are still talking about gods, morality, causality, teleology, etc. We have seen Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Skepticism, Atheism, etc. all creep in slow motion across the planet. Hundreds and thousands of years…Plato, Epictetus, Augustine, Copernicus, Galileo, Pascal, Newton, Darwin, Nietzsche, Marx, Einstein, ________ (who should we mention besides him as a 20th century thinker? You fill in the blank. Bill Gates maybe?), and look at the average person today. Look at how they reason and what they think…Yes, yes, it is a very slow process. Most people today see causality similarly to the way people saw it in the Middle Ages, even in pre-historic times (don’t you love the word “pre-historic”?…as if there was a time before history! Of course we’re talking about “recorded” history…then call it that for damned sakes! Call it pre-recorded history!), in that they see spirits of good and evil moving the world, gods pushing people to do what they do…or even “free will”…Now what do those two words mean! Yes, yes again…it is a very ssslllllooooooowwwwwwwww process. New Year’s resolutions should be New Millenium resolutions…but they still probably won’t come true. At least Jesus’s wishes haven’t. The world changes at its pace, not at our pace.
8. The good life. – How many formulas have we all heard for “the good life”? One of the most fascinating human ideas is that “I can know what is good for my neighbor…and for you!”  For millennium people have been telling each other how they should live. And today there are probably more “secret to life” prophets than at any time in history. Every human being is constituted differently – different brains, different bodies, different hormone production, different muscles, different tastes, different waves in the heart and brain…So why are the “secret to life” prophets even allowed to exist? Why does anybody listen to them? Why aren’t they banned by law? Why aren’t we smart enough to turn the other way when they speak?…I’ll tell you why…because if there is one trait most people have in common it is this: they want to be part of a herd and they want to follow a Shepard. And “sacred” herds are the most popular…the one’s that not only lead you through this life, but the next life too.
7. The sheep dogs. As the herd moves forward the sheep dogs will run behind any animal that is trying to go its own way. They will bark and bite the heels of the creature that moves a few meters from the group. Does this sound familiar to members of the higher races?
6. But why should I care? – But why should I care if people are herd animals? If they are comfortable in the mass, let them stay there; don’t try to make them into something they are not….First principle of the enlightened: What is good for me is NOT  necessarily good for others.
5. A historical problem. – Much of the problem is that historically philosophers and thinkers have tried to convince themselves that mankind is special, somehow different from all the “rest” of the universe. They have said that he is “free”, that he “thinks”, that he can discern between “good and evil”, “right and wrong”, “true and false”. Animals, they have historically said, are not this way. They just live, instinctively, doing what they are programmed to do. Then they die and that is the end of things. Have you ever thought than man may be no different? Would this thought freeze your blood or would it make you happy and make you want to run and jump and play like a young colt?

4. Not what we think we are. – Even if we are not what we think we are, it doesn’t matter. We still are. The questions become: Do I have a self? Do I possess myself? What do I do with what is left of me? Do I lead or do I follow?

3. Special. – It is normal to think you’re special. Haven’t you ever been to a dog show?
2. Technology is no proof. “But look!” the herd bellows, “We have our technology! We build big buildings and airplanes! We fly to the moon! We have doctors and hospitals! We have electricity and nuclear plants!” And the herd keeps shouting, more loudly now… “We can solve mathematical problems! We can understand the universe! We know when and how it all started! The Big Bang! 13,000,000,0000 years ago! We know what quarks and leptrons are! We understand how nature works! We are mankind! We are the children of God! And even if we are not the children of God we are still special! We are INTELLIGENT! In all the universe WE are the holders of the keys to LIFE!”…The herd continued to bellow and bellow and stick out its chest for millions of years and the earth pursued its lonely path around the sun. But do you know what happened?…Lentement…très très lentement the sun had less and less light and heat to give. The great men on earth scurried in their laboratories and tried to find new ways to keep themselves warm. But little by little everything began to freeze on the earth. Then one day there was no more life. And the earth, though now covered with ice, kept spinning and flying for a very long time.  However, there was no one to count the years.




Part I

Mr. Darsmith, You’re a prophet of God, is that correct?

Yes. The question I keep asking myself is: Why did God choose me?

Of all the people in this world, why did God choose me?

Why don’t you ask Him?

I did.

And what did He say?

He said I was the only one capable of carrying out His mission.

What is His mission?

To reveal the Truth to the world.

When you communicate with God, do you communicate in English?

God speaks every language.

But does God talk to you or do His revelations just instantaneously appear in your head?

I am the mouthpiece of God.

Yes, I know. But what is your means of communication with God?

He puts truth directly in my head.

In English…

Truth does not depend on language.

Then what does it depend on?

On revelation.

Yes, but when you get a revelation, do you understand this revelation using English words?

The Truth does not need words to express it.

What does it need?

Truth is felt.

How do you know when you feel it?

God tells me I’m feeling it.

But does He tell you this in English?

Why are you asking me these questions?

Because I want to understand how you communicate with God.

You cannot know because God has not chosen you to be His messenger on earth.

I see. So let’s go back to God telling you he wanted you to carry out his mission.


What is that mission exactly?

He wants me to restore His true church to the earth?

You say “restore”. Does that mean the true church disappeared?


Why did it disappear? When did it disappear?

It disappeared because men became evil and wicked.

When was that?

After the Apostles founded the church. When people stopped following the word of Christ.

When exactly did that happen?

God did not tell me the exact date. It was a slow process of man becoming sinful and living in iniquity?

But it happened a long time ago?

Yes. More than a thousand years ago.

Why do you think God waited so long to restore His church through you?

I don’t know. I’ve asked myself that question many times.

Did you ask yourself or did you ask God?

God, of course. I always ask God. Only God knows the Truth.

And what did He say?

He said the time just wasn’t right. He said man was not ready for the Truth.

And why is man ready now?

Only God knows the answer to that.

When you preach the Truth to people, do they seem ready to receive


Some do and some don’t.

So that means that some people still aren’t ready for the restored


Of course. The kingdom of God is not for everybody. Why is that? Wouldn’t you think God wanted everybody to be with

Him in heaven?

Yes, but the wicked and those who don’t believe the Word of Christ cannot go to heaven.

Why not?

Because God doesn’t want them there.

How do you know this? Maybe God has changed His mind since you talked to Him last?

If He changes His mind, He will tell me.

But if He changes His mind and sinners will be allowed in heaven, then you have no reason to restore His church and try to make people stop sinning? God would have no need for a prophet.

God has called me. I answer His call. His ways are not man’s ways.

Might they be cats’ ways or dogs’ ways?

God is almighty, cats and dogs are simple animals.

Did God create them simple?


How do you know they are simple and men aren’t?

Because God created man in His image.

Not totally in His image…isn’t that correct? If men were totally in His image, they would not sin and be wicked and not believe in Him.

Men are free to sin if that is what they choose.

Is God free to sin, too?

God would never sin.

Yes, but is He free to sin if He wants to?

He would never want to sin.

Then He is not free…

Your questions are tiresome.

t help asking them. Maybe God is putting them in my head just like He is putting revelations into your head.

There is only one true prophet.

And that is you?

Yes. I am sorry, but we must stop this interview for today. I have work to do.

Thank you for your time.

God be with you.

Part II

Thank you for your time, Prophet Darsmith.

It is not my time; it is God’s time. Everything we have God has given to us.

Would you say the same thing about everything we don’t have?

Of course. God giveth and He taketh away.

So if God is responsible for everything we have and don’t have, then He is responsible for the food people in Africa don’t have… He is responsible for the houses people don’t have in India and Bangladesh…He is responsible for the medical care people don’t have in the poor parts of the world. Is that correct?

No, that is not correct. Those problems are not God’s fault.

Then whose fault are they?

They are man’s fault. People are responsible for the problems of the world. But you said God gives and God takes away.

He blesses you if you are worthy and He punishes you if you sin.

So the children who die of starvation in Africa are being punished by


God does not punish innocent children.

Then why does He let them die?

Death is not always a punishment. It can also be a blessing. When a child dies of starvation in Africa he or she goes directly to heaven.

Why did God put the child on earth in the first place if he or she was just going to suffer and die?

God’s ways are not man’s ways.

You said that in our first interview. I have the feeling that you say that every time you don’t have an answer to a question.

That is correct. Man cannot know the mind of God.

But you say you know what God wants you to do.

Because God has told me.

Let us go back for a moment to the question of what God gives and whose fault it is when He takes away. The recent hurricane in the Philippines left thousands of people dead and more than a million people homeless. Was the hurricane caused by God? If it wasn’t caused by Him, why didn’t He prevent it for happening.

Natural disasters are different from human disasters.

God doesn’t stop human disasters either, does he?

Sometimes. Sometimes there are miracles that save people.

Sixty million people were killed in World War II. Why didn’t God make some miracles and stop that from happening?

Perhaps He wanted to cleanse the earth of sinners.

Then why did He let so many innocent people die with the sinners?

The innocent people will go to heaven.

So death and suffering mean nothing really because heaven is


Heaven is waiting for the righteous and those who follow Christ.

There are many parts of the world where Christianity was totally unknown for thousands and thousands of years – places like China,

Japan, the Americas before the arrival of the Europeans. Will these people not have a chance to go to heaven? And why didn’t Jesus appear in these other parts of the world? Don’t these people count as much as people in the Middle East and Europe?

That is three questions. I will answer them together. God is just.

Everybody will be given a chance to accept or reject the Gospel of Christ. If they do not have a chance on the earth, they will have a chance in the afterlife.

It is interesting that you have an answer for everything. Nothing could happen on this earth that would make you doubt your faith in God.

Why would I want to doubt the Lord God Almighty?

If He didn’t exist. If the God you worship and pretend to represent doesn’t exist, then you are wasting your time and preaching a pack of lies.

I know God lives like I know you are sitting before me.

Then let me ask you this. Millions of people all over the world and throughout history have believed in gods. The world has known many many gods. Today we have the Islamic god Allah, the Christian and Jewish god Jehovah, the Hindu gods, the Shinto gods, and on and on.

There were the Roman gods and the Greek gods.

What makes you think the Christian god is the real god?

Because I have fasted and prayed and God entered my heart.

In other religions people fast and pray and say god has entered their hearts. Are they lying?

They are not lying, they are just mistaken. There are many false gods who have corrupted the truth.

So your God Jehovah, why did He wait so long before making Himself known? The Jews began worshipping him about four thousand years ago. Why didn’t He make himself known to the millions of people before that who lived on this earth? Why did He wait until 2,000 B.C. before making His appearance on earth?

That is a very good question, but I have already answered it.

No, you haven’t.

Yes, I have.

Oh, you mean with “God’s ways are not man’s ways”…


The Greek and Roman gods were worshipped about two thousand years ago. Today, nobody on earth believes in them. Don’t you think the same thing might happen to the Christian god and the Islamic god?

Maybe two thousand years from today nobody on earth will believe in Allah or Jevovah just like nobody today believes in Zeus, Jupiter, Poseidon or Aphrodite.

Those gods were not real.

The people back then thought they were.

They were mistaken.

And you are not?

No, I have seen the light. I know the truth.

The Greeks and Romans thought the same thing.

They believed in multiple gods. There is only ONE God.

How do you know?

He has told me. I am His living prophet on earth.

Let us stop for now. Thank you for your time.

Thank you for helping me spread the word of God.

My only intention is to spread the truth.

By letting me talk that is what you are doing.

That is for others to judge themselves.

May God bless you.

I have my doubts.

Don’t doubt my son. Fast and pray and you will see the truth.

I’ve tried.

Try again.

Part III

Mr.Darsmith, I have been reading a lot about other prophets, or maybe I should say other men who have claimed to be « prophets ». There have been many. You all have one thing in common : you say you are in direct contact with God.

Yes, that is true.

What is true, that you are all in direct contact with God ? or that the others all say they are in direct contact with God, but you are the only is in direct contact with God ?

The other prophets are false prophets. Some might have had a few moments of contact with God, but they also had false moments.

And how do you know that your moments are true moments ?

Because God tells me.

But all the other prophets say the same thing. They all say God is talking to them or through them.

They are mistaken.

When you hear the voice of God in your head, what does it sound like ? I ask this question because many people in the world claim to  hear voices  in their heads. Some killers have said that they heard voices ordering them to kill…

Those were the voices of Satan.

So you are saying that there are two voices that can be heard inside a human head…the voice of God and the voice of Satan.


How can you tell the difference ? Maybe you are hearing the subtle voice of Satan who is using you to spread lies.

I would never allow Satan into my body. The voice of God is the voice of light. The voice of Satan is the voice of darkness. God is protecting me.

Why would God protect you and not somebody else ? You remind me of the soccor players who point to the sky and thank God after they score a goal. Why would God help one person score a goal and not someone on the other team ?

God helps those who are worthy of his help.

Why doesn’t God help everybody ?

Read the Bible.

I have read the Bible. I still don’t understand why God doesn’t help everybody.

The world is a struggle between good and evil. God is on the side of good and Satan is on the side of evil.

If God is Almighty why doesn’t he crush Satan and his soldiers and make the world a beautiful place ?

Because that is not the way the universe works.

If God created the universe, why did he create Satan ?

Satan was already there, with God. The history of the universe is the history of a struggle for power between God and Satan, right and wrong, good and evil.

If sixty million people are killed in a world war, does that mean Satan is winning ?

I didn’t say that.

What did you say ?

I said life is a struggle between good and evil.

Mr. Darsmith, this is our third interview. You have absolutely no proof for anything you say. None. Why should I believe one word that comes out of your mouth?

If you follow me, you will go to heaven. If you follow a false prophet you will not. It is your choice.

That is the magic formula of all prophets.

Yes. But the other prophets have poison on their tongues. I speak the truth.

What if I told you I didn’t believe any of the prophets who have ever lived ?

I would respect you for seeing the lies the others speak. I would feel sorry for you for not seeing the truth that I speak.

You still have not cnvinced me of anything.

Fast and pray and the Lord will enter your soul.

Whose Lord ?

My Lord, the one and only Lord God King of the earth and heaven.

Hell too, right ?

Hell is for the non-believers, the sinners, those who don’t follow the straight and narrow path.

You mean people like me.

I am not in a position to judge you. Only God can do that.

Well, thank you for your time.

May you allow the the voice of God to whisper in your ear.

How will I know if it is God and not Satan ?

If the voice tells you to follow me it is the voice of God.

The Prophet has spoken.

Part IV

Prophet Darsmith, I’ve been thinking.

About what ? The Word of the Lord I hope.

The more I think about what you say, the dumber I think the world is.

Of course the world is dumb. That is why it needs people like me.

But people like you are only making the world dumber. You claim you speak the truth, but everything you say is a pack of lies. You are the problem, not the solution.

No, my friend, you have understood nothing. The problem is that there is no solution. Both you and I know that there is no solution to human existence. But the difference between you and me is that you are too proud to provide a bogus solution. You are too honest. You still believe in the concept of truth. You still harbor the absurd notion that there is « truth » in the world. You want to maintain some sort of human dignity. But there is no dignity. The world is a cesspool. The world is a jungle. Look at the history of mankind. It is a vicious unfair unjust struggle for survival. There is no way out of the mess. There is no salvation. All the great « prophets » of the world know this – and I include myself among them. All we are trying to do is give hope to the hopeless. We are trying to throw a little happiness into the lives of the miserable. We know we are charlatans. But we also know human beings are weak and foolish. They will believe anything. They aredesperate to know « why » they are alive, « why » they are on earth.

They are desperate to give meaning to their paltry lives. Can youimagine believing what is written in the Bible ? Can you imagine a God doing the silly things the Bible says He does ? Creating woman out of the rib of man ! Killing people with thunderbolts ! Tempting people with apples ! Opening up oceans ! What kind of God is that ?

That’s more of a circus clown. And that is just it…The world is a circus. The greatest circus of all.

But Mr. Darsmith, why are you telling me these things now ? Why didn’t you tell me you felt this way before ?

Because I wanted to test you. I wanted to see if you had the mind to understand this. I wanted to see if you had the strength to face the truth…the truth that there is no truth. I saw that you did.

I don’t know what to say…

You don’t need to say anything. When most people look at the ocean, they see only the surface. When they look at the sky they see only the moon, the sun, and a veil of stars. They cannot look at the depth of things. They cannot look into the infinite history of the world. They think history started a few thousand years ago. They think man is something new. They think man is something special. But man and plants and rocks are as old as the universe. Man is but a tiny speck of dust. But he wants to be big. How does he become big ? He writes a story wherein he is the main character. That is the history of mankind…the history of people that are trying to have a place in history. It is a beautiful story. All the gods, creation, values, teleological paths, heaven, hell, good and evil. And who is at the center of it all ? Man. And who put man there ? God. What could be a better storyline for who we are ? Because of religion, the religions we create, history begins and ends with us…Gods and us. We are so small, but we have made ourselves so big. Of course it is all a fairy tale. But that is what we are. We are the creators of myths. Look at the world. Look with eyes that can see deeply. You have those eyes. And what do you see ? Myths. Prophets. Gods. And then you see people following them. The smaller the people, the greater their faith in their gods, myths, and prophets. Very few people can look at the raw truth of this world. It takes great strength to believe in nothing.

Do you believe in nothing, Mr. Darsmith ?

That depends on what you mean by  nothing . If by  nothing  you mean no gods, no myths, and no prophets, then yes, I believe in nothing. But if you mean the mystery and wonder of existence, then I believe in « everything. » Everything to me is a wonder and a mystery.

Even the myths of men, the gods of men, and the false prophets of men are a wonder and a mystery.

So why don’t you be a prophet of truth instead of a prophet of lies ?

Because there is no truth. Or perhaps I should say that the only truth is that man will never know the truth.


Because the truth is too deep. Scientists today talk about thirteen billion years…that is their « truth » about when it all started. But they have no idea. In the end, the universe is not « true » or « false ». The universe just IS. Everything – including mankind – just IS.  Every single solitary bit of the universe IS, including the human head. The human head wants to say things are true and false, right and wrong, good and evil. But the rest of the universe doesn’t care for a second about any of this. Just like the Pakistanis don’t care about Thanksgiving and the Americans don’t care about cricket. You can look through all the microscopes and telescopes in the world, you can read all the books ever written, you can think all the thoughts ever thought, but you will never find « the truth . The universe is not a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is what nobody wants to admit. The universe  is infinite. Truth is infinite. Lies are infinite. Everything around you, every word ever spoken, is part of the truth of what IS. We prophets are true, but we don’t explain « the truth ». We don’t explain the truth about the nature of being, the universe, the mystery. No one does. But we do reveal the truth about man : man is that creature who needs truth . He needs to follow somebody. He needs to be told how to live. He needs to  believe

When you say things like this, it makes me suddenly very sad.

Why, my friend…my dear interviewer ? It can be the most joyful thought of all. If you can see what I mean you can see the deepest thought man has ever had.

Which is… ?

Which is that the constructs of the human head are simply part of the great sea of being. Like fish in the ocean, humanity is not there to understand the universe, but rather to be part of the universe, to swimin the sea of life like fish swim in the ocean. No one expects a fish to understand its world. It is part of the world. The same is true for man.

Man will never  understand . This thought can be exhilerating. We can finally feel  free » from all the false gods, false prophets, and false beliefs. But of course such « freedom » is not for most people.

And that is why you are a false prophet ?

Yes. It is my way of helping the poor and the needy.

Do you think some false prophets actually believe what they say ?

Certainly. False prophets are human.

And so are you …

There are different kinds of humans, just like there are different kinds of fish. Most humans say they want the truth. But what they really want is lies, lies that will give them a nice soft resting place in vast infinity of the universe. But if you truly want to go looking for truth, you must be prepared for the truth that nobody wants to hear : « that there is no truth ».

I’m tired. I think I need a rest now. Let’s stop.

That’s fine with me.

I think we should have one more meeting.

Why ?

Because I really want to get to the bottom of all this.

There is no bottom.


The man from Norway can be used positively for two things: as food for dogs and to help revamp the justice system.

The man from Norway killed a lot of people. First the news said he killed ninety-four. Now they say he killed sixty-nine. Is it that hard to count dead bodies?

The man from Norway has no business living in a sane civilization. People who go to a summer camp and start randomly firing high-powered rifles at innocent people should be immediately killed and ground up into dog food for animals in shelters that need to eat. The man from Norway can at least be used for something.

But the man from Norway is still alive. There is no doubt that he shot everybody. This is not something that needs to be proved with a lengthy trial in a court of law. The man from Norway is even proud of what he has done and says he has no regrets. Fine. Kill him. Feed him to the dogs. Stop wasting human time and human money. And stop giving him the publicity he wants.

But in our world the man from Norway will go to court. His lawyers will try to prove than he is mentally unstable and hence “innocent” of a crime. Of course he is mentally unstable. Of course he is insane. At least in a sane world he is insane. Anybody who kills sixty-nine truly “innocent” people has to be insane. All the lawyers, judges, and psychiatrists in the world should know that he’s insane. But they will still waste their time on a trial. And the trial will be all over the news of the world. And the man from Norway will continue to be talked about and famous.

Why is this? Why don’t we just feed the man from Norway to hungry dogs who are waiting for a home? Because we believe in the archaic notion of free will. We believe the man from Norway is a child of God who has gone astray. We believe the man from Norway has a soul and a spirit and if given “proper” guidance (or maybe if we pray enough) can be “saved” in one way or another.

But none of this should be part of the question. The question should be: “What kind of creatures do we want living on this earth?” We don’t like termites, we kill them. We don’t like cholera epidemics, we try to kill the bugs. We don’t like rattlesnakes on our doorstep, we kill them if we can. We do this easily and with no pricks of conscience because we think animals and bugs are “not free” and do not have “a soul” or “a spirit”. But we are wrong. We are stupid. We believe in old worn out myths about what a human being is.

Human beings are no freer than snakes or cats or trees or the wind. We are part of Being with a capital “B”. We are part of the great sea of existence. We are part of the unfathomable mystery of all BEING. Sure, we have a few qualities monkeys don’t have. But monkeys have a few qualities we don’t have. And one those qualities is NOT free will, neither for the man or the monkey. No creature asked to be born. No creature asked to be born with the mind or body that it has. No creature asked to be born into the culture, nest, civilization, jungle, or ocean it was born into. Of course people need to feel responsible….But the fact is, they are not.

Our justice system is a joke. It should not be about who is “innocent”, “who is “guilty”, and who is “insane”. All violent criminals are insane. All people who drive cars at 150 miles per hour on a public street are insane. The question should only be who do we want to live and who do we want to feed to the dogs. Why feed them to the dogs? To at least make them a useful part of a sane civilization.

And civilization needs to be rethought. But it won’t be. Not for a very very very long time anyway. And do you know why?

Because man is NOT FREE. What we have today on earth is simply the result of what man is. Just like the result of an earthquake or a tsunami. Man is another earthquake or tsunami. He can also be a cat purring on a blanket, a bird singing in a tree, a beautiful flower, a sunset, a full moon, a shooting star. He can also be a rattlesnake on a front porch or a lethal bacteria. He can be Mozart or Matisse or Florence Nightengale….

And he can be the man from Norway. When he is, let’s just get rid of him as quickly as possible like we do with other baleful bits of nature.


What schools never teach. – March 25, 2014. Yesterday the Malaysian government finally announced that Flight 370 had crashed in the southern part of the Indian Ocean killing all 239 people on board. Of course this is horrible news, especially for those who actually knew someone on the plane. However, 99.999% of the people who followed the saga on TV knew nobody on the plane. During the fourteen days of uncertainty about the 239 passengers, more than 1,000,0000 other people died in the world. Their deaths received absolutely no press coverage. – Some of the reactions I saw to the announcement of the crash were striking. Watching people lament the death of a loved one is always a horrible thing to see. But it was not those people who struck me the most; it was the people who wanted to know “THE TRUTH”, the whole truth. News people and some family members kept claiming that the lack of truth about what happened on Flight 370 was scandalous…What exactly happened in the cockpit? What went on in the minds of the pilots? What exact flight path did the plane take? What were the exact backgrounds of everyone on the plane? Who and what actually are to blame for the catastrophe? And on and on…But perhaps the real scandal has nothing to do with these unanswered questions. Perhaps the real scandal is the people think they can KNOW the reasons and causes of…EVERYTHING. This is where we are in the world today. People think they have the right to know everything and they are sure that – with the correct information – they can KNOWEVERYTHING. – What ludicrous folly! What stupidity! What unthinking cretinism! What imbecility! What naivety! What myth! What absurd nonsense!…Let’s take the subject of knowing “what happened in the cockpit”.  There were men and machines in that cockpit. We might find out what happened on the mechanical side, but we will never know what happened in the human heads. Those human heads cannot be understood. Never. By nobody. If one pilot was crazy, locked the door, drugged or killed the other, maybe himself, then sent the plane out into the black night to let it crash a few hours later, do you think we can ever know “WHY” anyone would do such a thing? Of course not. The causes of someone doing such a thing are infinite…a whole life experience, the whole makeup of a mind and brain…this can never be “KNOWN, this can never be understood! Never. Ever. Forever…We are all infinite. Every moment is infinite. Only stupid people don’t understand this…and why are people so stupid? This question, too, is impossible to answer, of course. But I will tell you one thing: people are not educated “to think”. People are educated “to know”…to know answers to questions that require no thinking, only rote memorization. But they are never educated to “know what they cannot know”. They are never educated to think about the nature of knowledge and the limits of knowledge and to understand what real knowledge might really be. No, none of this is taught in schools, in homes, by governments and educators. That is why billions of people all over the planet still believe in mythical gods, mythical causalities, mythical realities, mythical “facts” about the universe and human being…things like “beginnings” and “ends”, “free will”, even “thinking” itself…is there really an I that thinks? Might thinking (in all creatures) be something completely different that what we “think” it is? … The deaths of the people on Flight 370 were all tragic, but so were the other 1,000,000 deaths that took place in the world during the time of the search. And what caused all those deaths? No one really knows (aren’t the causes of death as complex as the causes of life?) and of course most people absolutely don’t care because the media never trumpeted a note about those deaths. – The world is an odd place. Many of its inhabitants are obsessed with “knowing the facts” about things. I suggest they start to realize that things are never as simple as they appear on TV or in print. In fact “things” are often infinite processes that can never be known. I suggest people start concerning themselves with understanding what they can’t know. And then eventually, way down the long and winding road of human thought, maybe one day – one great day – they will start wondering if, in fact,  there are any “facts” at all.


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