Poems: Pinter

The Bombs

Harold Pinter

Theere are no more words to be said

All we have left are the bombs

Which burst out of our head

All that is left are the bombs

Which suck out the last of our blood

All we have left are the bombs

Which polish the skulls of the dead



Harold Pinter


It works.

We blew the shit out of them.

We blew the shit right back up their own ass.

And out their fucking ears.

It works.

We blew the shit out of them.

They suffocated in their own shit!


Prasise the Lord for all good things.

We blew them into fucking shit.

They are eating it.

Praise the Lord for all good things.

We blew their balls into shards of dust,

Into shards of fucking dust.

We did it.

Now I want you to come over here and kiss me on the mouth.

August 1991



Harold Pinter

There’s no escape

The big pricks are out.

They’ll fuck everything in sight.

Watch your back.



Harold Pinter

And after noon the well-dressed creatures come

To sniff among the dead

And have their lunch

 And all the many well-dressed creatures pluck

The swollen avocados from the dust

And stir the minestrone with stray bones

 And after lunch

They loll and lounge about

Decanting claret in convenient skulls


Weather Forecast

Harold Pinter

The day will get off to a cloudy start

It will be quite chilly

But as the day progresses

The sun will come out

And the Afternoon will be dry and warm.

 In the evening the moon will shine

And be quite bright.

There will be, it has to be said,

A brisk wind

But it will die out by midnight.

Nothing further will happen.

 This is the last forecast

Harold Pinter

19th March 2003


Harold Pinter

 Where was the dead body found? Who found the dead body? Was the dead body dead when found? How was the dead body found?

Who was the dead body?

Who was the father or daughter or brother Or uncle or sister or mother or son Of the dead and abandoned body?

Was the body dead when abandoned? Was the body abandoned? By whom had it been abandoned?

Was the dead body naked or dressed for a journey?

What made you declare the dead body dead? Did you declare the dead body dead? How well did you know the dead body?

How did you know the dead body was dead?

Did you wash the dead body                                                                                   Did you close both its eyes                                                                                      Did you bury the body

Did you leave it abandoned                                                                                                                    Did you kiss the dead body








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