Prologue of Play





Spot on a MAN

Eliot and Cane Cropped

Down Stage, next to a street lamp, in front of the Proscenium Scrim. He is dressed in a three-piece suit and bowler hat. He is poised holding an umbrella with its point planted firmly on the ground.

MUSIC CUE:  A scratchy “78” creaks out an old recording of Jolson’s April Showers.

 “Though April showers may come your way /                                                     They bring the flowers that bloom in  May…”

The MAN does a simple lilting dance. The wind of an approaching storm rises behind the song.  The song and the man fade into darkness. The wind continues to rise. It culminates in a wolf-cry and a peal of thunder.

 Spot on the same MAN sans hat, umbrella and street lamp.  He is on bent knees with outstretched hands.  His manner suggests prayer, crucifixion, and the showmanship of Al Jolson:


Holy Father, I am not worthy of thy servants, nor their ministrations. All my life they have been coming, these feet(MC) even now making their way along the avenue.  I know that death is a patient assignation – he may sabotage the heart, delay  a  doctor’s  aide or  whistle  down  the  wind  of  a Presidential Motorcade.  Holy Mother, I am a miscreant flush full of sin and evil warrant. I await the disposition of thy Son, Christ Jesus.

 (MAN stands, defiantly.)

 He and he alone will judge me. No one else. None other!

  (Surprised at the force of his demand, he concludes, humbly – dropping to his knee.)


Even  unto these, the waning hours of my life …

 MUSIC CUE: The song returns …

“So keep on looking for that bluebird and listening …

 (He genuflects and bows his head. The song fades. Dim spot.)



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