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Australia Ends Mass Killings

How a Conservative-Led Australia Ended Mass Killings

Mick Roelandts, firearms reform project manager for the New South Wales Police, in July 1997, examining thousands of weapons in Sydney, Australia, that were handed over under the government’s buyback program.

President Obama has cited the country’s gun laws as a model for the United States, calling Australia a nation “like ours.” On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has said the Australian approach is “worth considering.” The National Rifle Association, meanwhile, has dismissed the policies, contending that they “robbed Australians of their right to self-defense and empowered criminals” without reducing violent crime.

The oft-cited statistic in Australia is a simple one: There have been no mass killings — defined by experts there as a gunman killing five or more people besides himself — since the nation significantly tightened its gun control laws almost 20 years ago.

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