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The Library /  Arts Alliance is a  “Take Ten” realtor-based  donation that  benefits  libraries and  art establishments  in municipalities and states across America.  “Take Ten” participants  agree to reserve and then   give 10% of their earned proceeds to a national or local library or artistic enterprise.

The Library / Arts Alliance was founded by M.C. Gardner.  M.C. Gardner is a Realtor and author.  He directs 10% of  any Real Estate   commission  to  the institutions mentioned above.

Gardner, has written a series of books on the American visionary and poet Walt Whitman.  Whitman enjoyed little formal education. His extensive knowledge was impressively deep and  extensively mined from  the public libraries and book depositories of Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn,  and Washington D.C.   His aesthetic world was further broadened by his exploration of opera, photography, literature, drama & painting during the middle years of the 19th century.  This depth of Knowledge and range of artistic acuity  is explored as  major biographical subtext in the two volumes  of Gardner’s Whitman’s Code: A New Bible.

Beneficiaries on the national level include the Smithsonian Institution and National Public Radio,  New York’s  Metropolitan Opera  and the Walt Whitman Archive.   Closer to home are neighborhood and university  libraries and local classical musical radio stations who also enjoy the benefits of a “Take Ten” donation  from The Library / Arts Alliance

The requisite tax forms are provided by the participating libraries and artistic endeavors.

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